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Some of the classes we offer...

...for fun

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When you take English classes for fun, you will learn about many different topics. You can choose the topics you want to study with your tutor. You can study skills (reading, writing, listening, speaking) or you can focus on speaking or pronunciation.

Classes for fun are great if you are planning on traveling soon and need English for your vacation.

In English classes for kids, we use student books (English World) and fun activities and games. We encourage your child to love learning a new language. We focus on teaching about things that interest the kids in our classes.

We teach classes for kids from 4 and up. If your kids is 4-8 years old they will need to study with an adult in the room with them.

...for kids

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...for exams

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In classes for exam preparation, we focus on helping you to understand how to pass the exam and improve your English at the same time.

You will study exam techniques and more advanced vocabulary.

These classes are an excellent choice for anybody who is interested in studying at a university in an English speaking country.

In classes for business, we teach you vocabulary useful for your job.

We will focus on skills you need for work. For example, if you write a lot of emails, we will practice that. If you never write at work, but often speak to clients in English, we will practice that.

As well as skills we will build your vocabulary in whichever industry you work in.

...for business

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What we practice in classes...

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  • Informal Conversations
  • Phone calls
  • Formal presentations
  • Conversations with colleagues


  • Magazines
  • Emails
  • News articles
  • Academic articles
  • Books
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  • Lectures and talks
  • TV and Films
  • Music
  • Conversations


  • Formal emails
  • Informal emails
  • Academic essays
  • Stories
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