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Do you love travelling, learning new things, or meeting people from other countries? Are you interested in the English language, or culture from the U.S. or U.K.? 

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Do you want your child to have the best opportunities in the future? Do you want your child to have fun while learning?

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Do you need IELTS or FCE (Cambridge exams) for a visa or to study at university? Do you have a good level of English, but don’t know what the exams are like? 

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Do you need to speak, write, or read English at work? Do you need to speak a high level of English to talk to colleagues or clients at your job?

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About Us

At Learn English on the Internet we change our lessons for each students needs and interests.

Before your first class, please book a consultation so we can talk about your goals for your English language learning.

In addition to lessons, when you buy ‘block’ lessons we give and correct homework, answer questions outside of class time, and award you certificates based on how many hours of classes you have had.

Watch the video for more information.

Caitlin & Helen Teaching

Caitlin and Helen have a combined total of 15 years experience in the classroom

Caitlin has been teaching since 2013.

She specializes in teaching grammar, writing, and reading.

Caitlin has taught a lot of kids.

Helen has been teaching since 2013.

She specializes in teaching listening, pronunciation, and IELTS.

Helen has taught many different types of students.

Helen is a really amazing, helpful and creative teacher! She uses a variety of teaching techniques and all her examples are to the point!

Maria Paxaki

What I like the most of studying with Helen is that she easily recognises your strengths and weakness. She has helped me with different strategies to improve my difficulties. I also like that we’ve focused our classes on my needs, such as pronunciation, job interview and resume, and IELTS.

Julia Nalles

Caitlin & Helen In Real Life

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